Point me at the sky!

From the series “Point me at the sky!”, oil and pencil on paper, 35.5 x 24 cm. 2006 – 2012.


“Swallows”, 2012

When I was a young boy I danced like a madman following the tune of an old vinyl of my parents, “Point Me at the Sky” by Pink Floyd. I didn‘t understand the lyrics, I didn’t know that the song told of a pilot that crashes for a fault to his plane. I figured it was an exhortation to take the flight. In the bright contrast of the hot summer afternoons, I saw the black silhouettes of the birds flying against the backdrop of a clear sky. I saw the leaves of the plants  filtering the sunlight, and revealing the consistency of their veins and in some cases the shadow of a small frog, motionless, resting on them. To the tune of that song, watching some fishes caught in a basin of zinc, I imagined them free and strong in their river, darting happy in the glow of the August sun.

Six green pigeons

★★★ “Six green pigeons”, 2006 (sold)

Six birds in pink sky

“Gold birds”, 2006


“Flock”, 2012

Water lilies

★★★ “Water lilies”, 2012 (sold)


★★★ “Red Fish”, 2012 (sold)

Water lilies

“Water lilies”, 2012


“Fish”, 2012

These artworks are available for sale. The price of each one is 240 €. Contact me if you are interested or want more info (the shipment is free inside the European Union).