Virtual model

★★★ “Virtual model”. Sold in NORTH CHELMSFORD, USA

Virtual model”, oil and pencil on paper, 40 x 40 cm, 2015 – 2016.

I like to create imaginary worlds. Using the modeling software I invent virtual simplified realities, probably the result of travel memories and past experiences. I choose the types of buildings, I place them on a fictitious ground, check the colors to the various parts, the lights, the elements of the landscape. And then I choose a point of view and portray this place of fantasy. The traditional landscape painting has to deal with the atmospheric variables, with the mutability of natural light. Here, on the contrary, not only everything is static, but I can change the various elements at will: add or remove pieces, move something, try the effects of shadows depending on the movement of the lights. But it is a small difference, and also the difference between “real” reality and virtual reality is now small: it has become part of our daily lives, changed our way perceiving, somehow has itself become real.

★★★“Virtual model with red houses”. SOLD in Gaithersburg, USA, with Artfire.

★★★ “Virtual model with blue houses”. SOLD in Gaithersburg, USA, with Artfire.

★★★ “The blue house”. Sold in NORTH CHELMSFORD, USA

★★★ “The house of a leper” (SOLD in  NEW YORK with Zatista)

★★★ “Pixels”  (SOLD in  NEW YORK with Zatista)

★★★ VIRTUAL MODEL (sold in Washington)

★★★ Original sold in London with ARTLIMES

In case you are interested the price of each available artwork is 260 €. THE SHIPMENT IS FREE WORLDWIDE. Contact me if you need more details about packaging, shipment and prices

These last four pieces belong to the same concept but are smaller (21 x 15 cm) and their price is 70 € each one.

And in the end here I post some details of the artworks: