Catalogue 2017



Postcard from Plaza Mayor, Segovia, Spain

Bombing 1

Often my works seem to be very different one from each other. In some series the subject is figurative, in other cases the approach is abstract and conceptual. Sometimes those who look at my drawings confess that it’s hard for them to find something capable of bringing all together. I think that this is not a defect, but an advantage. My research focuses on the study of languages of representation and the study of their rules, and what happens by moving the rules from one language to another. For this reason the themes are so different. In these small works, a little ‘joke, I tried to do a “product catalog”, reducing in the same format all the themes of my research.


Postcard from Placa Reial, Barcelona, Spain

Postcard from Placa Reial, Barcelona, Spain

Bombing 2

The pieces of this series that are still available cost 80 € each one (the sizes are 21 x 15 cm). THE SHIPMENT IS FREE WORLDWIDE. Contact me if you need more details about packaging, shipment and prices


The player

Boy and dog

Bombing 3

Postcard from Iglesia de la Trinidad, Segovia, Spain

Postcard from Basilica de San Francisco el Grande, Madrid, Spain

Postcard from Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain