Snow flakes

Ink and paint on paper, 30 x 30 cm, 2000 – 2005.

★★★ “Ivy”, 2003. SOLD IN NEWTON, USA

Someone teaches us that the snowflakes are different from each other since we are small children. We learn that they are formed with a crystallization process that follows a geometric pattern that changes each time, indefinitely, never having the possibility of a repetition. The ice crystal takes shape slowly, expanding from a central point to the surrounding space, obeying to some strict symmetrical scheme, until all unallocated space is filled with these icy branches. What happens if in this process, the atoms of the water, in the meanwhile they are solidifying, encounter an obstacle, a slag, an impurity? Will it also remain trapped inside the grid? Will it be absorbed by this geometric cage, or would be able to break the symmetry, imposing its diversity?

“Flower of hearts”, 2005

2003 - 05

★★★ “Eyes”, 2003. SOLD IN CAMBRIDGE, UK

2002 - 20

★★★ “Sacred heart”, 2002. SOLD IN MILAN

“Shells”, 2002

“Roses”, 2002

★★★ “Viper”, 2000 (original sold)

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