★★★ The landfill of Turin (original sold in North Andover with Artfinder)


The landfill of New York


The landfill of Los Angeles

From the series “The earth seen from space”, oil on canvas. 50 x 40 cm, 2017 / 2019.

This series of paintings is inspired by satellite photographs that today, with tools like Google Earth, allow anyone the virtual exploration of the planet. Starting from those real images, I rework those aerial views, inventing new codes of representation and new decorative elements. The map is distorted, deformed, altered as if it were a past memory, but something of that place is still recognizable.

These paintings are available at the cost of 750 € each one. THE SHIPMENT IS FREE WORLDWIDE. Here are some summary details:

Medium & materials: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 50 x 40 cm (19.7 x 15.7 in)

Thickness of the canvas: 2 cm

Finishing: protective varnish

Location and year created: Turin, Italy – 2017 and 2019

Certificate of Authenticity: included, with signature of the artist on photograph 

Edges of the canvas: painted in continuity with the surface

(the canvas can be hung without frame)

Signed: on the front