Inside the house

★★★ original sold with Saatchiart

Oil on canvas, 120 x 90 cm, 2020.

A simple and perhaps banal scene, but at the same time ambiguous and disturbing: two separate rooms, one person in each room.  The viewer spies from the outside what is taking place inside. Actually he cannot know exactly what is happening. Is the boy hiding from the girl or is he catching her doing something forbidden? Or maybe nothing is happening at all, and no one of them knows anything about the other? Only the eye of the beholder generates the “drama” and can find malice in what he sees.

The drama of the scene is amplified by the fact that the floor is imperceptibly inclined, from the bottom of the rooms towards the observer, as if the characters were forced to slide outwards, and by the nocturnal setting that allows the creation of shadows projected towards us.


★★★“Inside the house”. Oil on thick paper, 44 x 33 cm, 2020. Original sold in London with Artfinder