Botany’s notebook

from the series “Botany’s notebook”, oil and pencil on paper. 30 x 44 cm and 16.2 x 29.7 cm.

Red flowers I

Red flowers I. Oil on paper, 30 x 44 cm, 2016.

These are the plants that I grow on my balcony. I have a small balcony with a few pots of flowers, and these are the things I see more when I’m sitting at my desk, and every time I look up from the drawing I’m doing, out of the window, this is what I see. I get distracted, but the distraction brings me right back to the need to draw, so I take another piece of paper and try to sketch the plants, their colors, the shadows and the light reflections dancing on their leaves. When I go back to the work I was previously doing, a little bit of these sketches is transferred in it, and this tells me that my drawings (my thoughts), though apparently distant and very different from each other, talk, communicate and transmit the information all together. 

These artworks are available for sale. The price of each one is 270 € (size 30 x 44 cm) and 120 € (size 16 x 30 cm) respectively. Contact me if you are interested or want more info about packaging and shipment (the shipment is free).