The color of Memory

★★★ Antinoo farnese (SOLD in Brisbane, Australia)

From the series “The color of memory”, oil on paper, 35 x 35 cm, 2016.

These works come from some thoughts about classical sculpture. We know that the sculptures were originally colorful, and that the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman cultures, but also the pre-Columbian cultures, favored, to decorate them, very bright colors. But the passage of time has given us these sculptures predominantly white, so, from the Renaissance until today, the sculptural representation of man is almost always monochrome. And it is interesting to think that if by some historical accident, the same thing had happened with painting, today we would paint with one color, and we would find it quite natural, just as the monochrome sculptures seem entirely correct. Obviously this reasoning should be much more complex, but for me it was only the starting point for a reflection on the way we perceive reality, and what is that influences it. Looking for an expedient that makes it look colorful something that is not.

Apollo alla Galleria degli Uffizi

Apollo di Mantova

Ara ludovisi

Eros ai Musei Capitolini

Medusa del Bernini

In case you are interested the price of each available artwork is 330 €. THE SHIPMENT IS FREE WORLDWIDE. Contact me if you need more details about availability, packaging, shipment or prices.

Here are other four smaller artworks belonging to the same series, ( 21 x 15 cm each one, not available anymore).

★★★ Las limas (original sold in Busto Arsizio, Italy).

★★★ Hermes prassitele (original sold in Busto Arsizio, Italy).

★★★ Laocoonte (original sold in Busto Arsizio, Italy).

★★★ Stadio dei marmi (original sold in Busto Arsizio, Italy).

And in the end some detail images of the artworks: