Circular butterflies

★★★ original sold in Limerick, Ireland.

My exploration in the magic world of imaginary butterflies and moths goes on and in this peculiar section I show the little family of the “Circular butterflies”, a group of small weird creatures generated inside the perfection of a circle.
In my artistic research I’ve always been attracted to all that is sortable, classifiable. Perhaps this attitude stems from a primordial insecurity, and perhaps the illusion of putting order into chaos eases this concern. Sometimes this anxiety, that pushes me to classify everything degenerates, creating sub-categories into the main category, and this is the case. I started painting butterflies in general and now I’ve discovered that I can create whole families of Fibonacci butterflies, Funeral moths, Circular butterflies, etc!

★★★ original sold in Limerick, Ireland.

★★★ original sold in Denver – US, with Artfinder

In case you are interested the price of each artwork is 260 €. THE SHIPMENT IS FREE WORLDWIDE. Contact me if you need more details about availability, packaging, shipment or prices.

Here are some details of the paintings: