Anatomy’s studies

1998 - 02From the series “Anatomy’s studies”, oil and graphite on paper, 30 x 12 cm. 1998 – 2015

In some old manuals of anatomy I find very accurate and detailed illustrations that represent the different parts of the human body. The internal organs, the tissues, the degenerations provoked by disease are represented with extreme precision and detail. The color contrast is very strong to highlight all the details. Generally there is a prevalence of yellow and red. The images are fixed in crystalline stillness that deprives them of any sense of fear or disgust for what we are observing. On the contrary, the wealth of detail and fullness of the representation, if for one moment we can forget the subject they portray, can allow us to imagine a sort of sensuality.

★★★ original sold in Atlanta (USA)

These artworks are made on paper overlaying subsequent layers of oil painting and pencil drawing (I often use graphite not only to emphasize the traits but as a colour itself, to fill and darken entire areas of the drawing). The elongated shape of the paper allows me to imagine that these muscles, tendons and organic forms that I invented, are pulled or contracted, giving them a sense of softness or elasticity.

These artworks are available for sale. The price of each one is 170 € (shipping included). Contact me if you are interested or want more info.