Oil and pencil on paper, 54 x 42 cm, 2015 / 2016. 

★★★ “Bunsen”. Sold in Houston, USA, with Zatista

This series of paintings is inspired by the programs for virtual modeling that are used in architecture. With these programs you can create extremely complex and improbable forms, which could not exist in reality. It’s a virtual reality, extremely fascinating, where what attracts most are the sinuous arabesques of the shadows, the light reflections, the sensuality of the curved surfaces.

“Shape number one”




“Sharp heart “.


“Green aerofish”.





Each painting is made with oil and graphite on thick paper and is 54 x 42 cm. They were made in 2015 and 2016. The pieces  that are still available for sale are sold at a price of  450 € each one. The shipment is worldwide free.

Other features: 

Finishing: protective varnish

Certificate of Authenticity: included, with signature of the artist on photograph 

Signed: on the front