Tattooed bodies

“Tattooed bodies”, oil colors and graphite pencil on paper, 30 x 42 cm, 2015.

I do not have tattoos on my body, but the tattoos on the bodies of others make me crazy! I especially love those tattoos whose design can follow the lines of the muscles, taking the shape of the anatomical parts over which are drawn. I prefer very large and colorful tattoos, those who take a whole arm, the whole leg, the whole back. But I always thought something curious also, and maybe this opinion of mine is wrong. I have always been convinced that, in a sense, tattoos are a protection, a screen, a kind of refuge, a small shield that ensures security to those who “wear” them. After all, it may be the same consideration for accessories in clothing, or for those who drink or smoke at the counter of a bar or at the edge of the dance floor. Often that person does not really want to smoke, but the cigarette gives the “courage”, allows him to deal with a situation that is “socially” challenging. If this idea also applies to tattoos, they then not only would be a feature that the person who owns them wants to declare itself. They would also be a confession of weakness, an admission of fragility, and for this reason even more appreciable.

The sale price of the available paintings is 350 € each one (shipping included, worldwide). Here are some details: