Houses on the water

2016 - 35

★★★ Memory of Venice (original sold)

When, in my holidays, I go to visit a seaside town or a river town, it often happens that I am involved into the classic tourist trip on the boat, or vessel. Such an experience, by definition, is a little superficial: the distance from the coast, the movement, the limited time, all these elements combined together make the perception confused. But at the same time, perhaps for the fact that the focus can not dwell deeply on anything specific, the end of this experience gives a reminder of the whole, that could reveal the spirit of that place. It ‘s true, the details are confused, the facades of the buildings overlap, we are no longer sure if the front of that palace was on the Grand Canal or the Giudecca, but probably at the end of the journey, that will remain our most intense memory of Venice.

2016 - 36

★★★ Memory of Venice (original sold in York – UK, with Artfinder)

2016 - 39

★★★ Memory of Malta, St. Elmo’s Fortress  (original sold in NEW YORK with ZATISTA)

2016 - 40

★★★ Memory of Malta, La Valletta (original sold in NEW YORK with ZATISTA)

2016 - 70

Memory of Santorini

2016 - 71

Memory of Santorini

2016 - 72

Memory of Istanbul, Galata

2016 - 73

★★★ Memory of Istanbul, Leandro Tower  (original sold in SEOUL with BBUZZART)

2016 - 86

★★★ Memory of Turin, Murazzi (original sold in Turin)

2016 - 87

★★★ Memory of Turin (original sold in Washington DC with Artfinder)

2016 - 89

★★★ Memory of Saint Petersburg, Neva (original sold with Saatchiart)

2016 - 90

Memory of Saint Petersburg, Nevsky perspekt

★★★ Memory of Malta, 2021 (original sold in Washington DC with Artfinder)

These paintings are made with oil colors on paper prepared for oil painting, the size of each one is 50 x 37 cm. In case you are interested the price of each available artwork is 420 €. THE SHIPMENT IS FREE WORLDWIDE. Contact me if you need more details about availability, packaging, shipment or prices.